Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility, RACSF

Time frame

Topic Sub-topic
0900-10:00 Welcome  
  Course Introduction Smoke free building


    Course Administration
    Briefing for Exam
    Course Objective
  What is the RACSF?  
    Objective of cargo security
    New policy of ICAO

100 % screening of air cargo w.e.f.  Jan2021

    ICAO Annex 17 international and local requirements


Transition Periods

  Key parties 5 main parties of the regime (airline/aircraft operator, regulated agent, Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility and Known/Account consignor)


    Definition of known/account consignor and regulated agent
    Recognition of known/account consignor
    Responsibilities of known/account consignor, regulated agent, Cargo Terminal Operator and airline / aircraft operator
10:00-11:45   Entities Become RACSF
    Organization & Training

Personnel Security

    RACSF Cargo Acceptance, Documentation and Appearance check

Cargo screening process and record


    Protection of security integrity of cargo

Segregation of screened cargo/rejected/suspect cargo/UNK cargo

Segregation storage areas in warehouse

    Treatment of high risk cargo
    Exempted items
    Security screeners requirements

Selection criteria of screeners

Training and certification

Working hours

    X-ray requirements and documents submitted to CAD for approval
    Warehouse requirements and security

Transportation requirements and security

    Retention of documents
    Quality control and self-assessment
11:45 -12:15 Examination  
12:15- 12:30 Class wrapped up