Live Animal Regulations (3 Days)

Time Frame Topics Sub-topics
Day 1 Welcome  
(AM) Self Introduction  
09:00-10:15 Course introduction Smoke free building
    Course Adminstration
    Briefing for Exam
    Course Objectives:
    Aim to achieve the safe and humane transportation of live animals by air.
    To comply with the requirements established in the IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR)
    All Cargo Acceptance Staff of airlines or Ground Handling Agents need to be trained and qualified
    Understand shipper’s and carrier’s responsibilities in shipping live animals
    Understand Reservations and Advance Arrangements
    Know animal behaviour and special care to them
    Know how to classify live animals
    Know the container requirements, marking, labeling and documentation
    Know the acceptance and handling procedures of live animals airline/warehouse staff
    Introduce Table of Contents of LAR
  Chapter 1 Application of Regualtions
  Chapter 1 and 2 Government Regulations
    Carrier Regulations
    Reservations and Advance Arrangements
    Shipper’s and his authorized agent’s responsibility
    Instructions for carriage
10:15-10:30 Morning Break  
10:30-12:45 Chapter 1 and 2 Carrier’s responsibility
    Verify the presence of required documentation
    Acceptance and conformity
    Factors must be considered at the time of Acceptance
    Animals are considered unfit for transport
12:45-14:00 Lunch  
Day 1 (PM)    
  Chapter 3 Government & Carrier Regulations
    IATA TACT Rules
    International Air Traffic Rules
    Carrier Variations
  Chapter 4 Reservations and Advance Arrangement
    Factors cause stress of animals
    Signs of stress of animals
15:15-15:30 Afternoon Break  
15:30-17:00 Chapter 5 Animals Behaviour
    Digestive Behaviour
    Eliminative Behaviour
    Sexual Behaviour
    Care Giving Behaviour
    Care Seeking Behaviour
    Animals Behaviour
    Behaviour Under Stress
Day 2 (AM)    
09:00-10:15 Chapter 5 How to reduce stress of animals?
    Sedation and Euthanasia
    Preventive measures before sending animals
  Chapter 6 Classification of animals
    Blue Pages
10:15-10:30 Morning Break  
10:30-12:30 Chapter 7 Documentation
    Shipper’s Certificate for Live Animals
    Air Waybill
    Vaccination & health certificates
    Import/Export/Transit Permit/License
    CITES Document
12:30-14:00 LUNCH  
DAY 2 (PM)    
14:00-15:15 Chapter 8 Container Requirement
    Construction Requirement
    Ventilation Requirement
    Safety Requirement
    Animal Welfare & Health Requirement
    Food and Water Requirement
    Specific Pathogen Free(SPF) Requirement
15:15-15:30 Afternoon Break  
15:30-17:00 Chapter 8 Container Requirement 1-3 for pet/farm livestocks
    Container Requirement 11-23 for birds, Day Old Chick, penguin
    Container Requirement 41, 44 for Lizard, Snake
    Container Requirement 51,57 for fish, lobsters
    Container Requirement 59 for fish with oxygen cylinder
    Container Requirement 60 for fish with pump and batteries
    How to calculate stocking density?
Day 3 (AM)    
09:00-10:15 Chapter 9 Marking & Labeling
  Chapter 10 Handling Procedures
    Ground Handling of Animal shipments
    Loading Procedures
    Special Handling Procedures
10:15-10:30 Morning Break  
10:30-12:30 Chapter 11 CITES
    CITES Documentation
    List of States Party to CITES
  Chapter 12 Life Science Logistics for Laboratory Animals
  Chapter 13 World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
  Cases studies and Q&A  
12:45-14:00   LUNCH
Day 3 (PM)    
14:00-17:00   Examination