International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (3 days)

Program Outlines

Day 1

Time frame Topic Sub-topic
0900-0915 Welcome  
  Self Introduction  
  Course Introduction Smoke free building


Course Administration
    Briefing for Exam
    Course Objective
0915-1030   Philosophy of IMDG
    Shipper’s Responsibilities Application of standard
    1.1.7 Transport of D.G
    1.1.3 Forbidden DG
    1.3.1 Training Requirement
1030-1045 Coffee break  
1045-1230 Section 2 Classification 2.1 Explosives
    2.2 Gases  Class 3 Flammable liquids
    Class exercises
1230-1400 Lunch  
1400-1530 Section 2 Classification 2.4 Flammable solid
    2.4 Spontaneous Combustible
    2.4 Dangerous when wet
    2.5 Oxidizers
    2.5 Organic Peroxides
1530-1545 Coffee break  
1545-1700 Section 2 Classification Substances
    2.6.Class exercises Infectious substances
    2.7 Radioactive Material Corrosive
    2.9 Miscellaneous and Lithium batteries
    Class Exercises
Day 2    
0900-1030 Precedence of Hazard
    Class Exercises
  Appendix A Selecting proper shipping name
  Section 3 3.2 List of Dangerous Goods
    3.4 Limited Quantity
    3.5 Excepted Quantity Excepted Quantity Table Excepted Quantity Package Mark
  Section 6 UN Specifications Markings
    Packaging type code
    Packaging material code
    Packaging qualifying codes
    Format of marking
    Class Exercise
  Section 4 4.1.4 Intermediate Bulk Container
    4.2.5 Large Packagings
    4.2.5 Tank
1030-1045 Coffee break  
1045-1230 Section 5 Packing 5.4.2 Vehicle/Container Certificate
    5.5.1 Certificate of Fumigation Treatment
    Cargo Transport Unit
    Practical Packing requirement
1230-1400 Lunch  
1400-1530 Section 5 Marking & Labelling Shipper’s responsibility
    Shipper’s specific responsibilities
    Types of marking
     Packaging specification for LTD QTY shpt
     General Markings and additional markings
    Marking for overpack
    Limited quantities
    Salvage packagings
    environmentally hazardous substances
    Shippers specific responsibilities
    Types of Labels
    Label Specifications
    Introduce all Hazard Labels and Handling Labels
1530-1545 Coffee break  
1545-1700 Section 5 Documentation Shipper’s Declaration









Fill up multimodal Dangerous Goods Form

Class exercise





Day 3    
0900-1030 Section 7 General Stowage Provisions
    General Segregation of dangerous goods
    7.2.4 Segregation Table
1030-1045 Coffee break  
1045-1230 Section 7 & Segregation Groups
    Class Exercises
    Incidents and Fire Precautions
    Emergency Procedures
1230-1400 Lunch  
1400-1700 Examination