Known Consignor Security Training (0.5 day)

Time frame






Course Introduction

Smoke free building


Course Administration


Briefing for Exam


Course Objective


What is the Known Consignor?


Introduction & Course Objectives: Known Consignor (KC) Security training

Objective of cargo security


New policy of ICAO

100 % screening of air cargo w.e.f. MAR2021


ICAO Annex 17 international and local requirements


Key parties

  1. Annex 17 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation

  2. Background of ICAO new policy direction

  3. Security Programme

  1. Hong Kong Aviation Security Programme

  2. Aircraft Operator Security Programme

  3. Known Consignor Security Programme

  4. Regulated Agent Security Programme

  5. Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility Security Programme

5 main parties of cargo security regime (airline/aircraft operator, Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility regulated agent, and Known /accountConsignor)


Definition and responsibilities of aircraft operator, regulated air cargo screening facility, regulated agent, and known consignor/ account consignor


Classification of Known cargo and Unknown cargo


Entities Become KC


Organization & Training

Personnel Security

  1. Background check of new and existing staff members

  2. Security Awareness Training of staff members and contractors



Scope of operations:

  1. Nature of businessproduction/manufacturing or assembly

  2. Associated measures of the production / manufacturing / assembly process, as well as the process of package and storage

  3. Consignment integrity – originated items and non-originated items


Physical protection of cargo

  1. Facility security (physical measures, access controls, segregation of screened cargo from unknown cargo and protection of known cargo prior to loading into trucks)

  2. Secure Transportation (driver, vehicle)


Definition of high risk cargo


Treatment of high risk cargo/suspect cargo/unresolved suspicion



KC handling procedures for known and unknown cargo


Exempted items


Retention of documents

Keeping shipping documents, contractor forms


Notification of Change of KC Security Programme


KC- Confidentiality


Self-assessment & CAD inspection

16:45 -17:15




Wrap up